About Fabination

Mithras Business Ventures India Private Limited incorporated as a specialized professional business products and service provider in India. We provide Value-added services in Retail Industry including - Apparel, Fashion Retail Stores, Franchises of Fashion Retail Stores across India through our Retail Business Venture.

Mithras Business Ventures India Private Limited contracting venture division provides specialized professional engineering services, contracting, project management, maintenance, operations etc, in electrical, mechanical, construction, Security Systems, Data Centers and IT Services.

Mithras Business Ventures India Private Limited founders has worked more than a decade in the Retail, Contracting sectors are directing and handling all the administrative, managerial duties of the company along with dedicated team of Managers, qualified engineers, skilled technicians and labors in various segments. We are offering various business solutions to our customer's - a customized service to their specific needs and requirements through our unique capabilities of any magnitude in all sectors and industries.

Working with numerous clients, consultants and contractors on various projects, the company has established for itself a reputation for quality workmanship, flexibility and timely completion of projects to the highest standards with transparent projects and operations management. With a turnkey design and development capability, the company also offers services from concept through to commissioning.

Mithras Business Ventures India Private Limited is a forward thinking company - our products and services enhance with the quality of life of people through out India and this is matched by a determination to achieve the highest standards of environmental, health and safety practices within our business.

Mithras Business Ventures India Private Limited - chain of fashion retail stores that caters specific market segments in apparel business all over India. As our name suggests our focus it to provide all kinds of apparel and accessories with best quality to position ourselves as the top retail stores chain in India by providing the best products and service to our customers.

While Mithras Business Ventures India Private Limited initial goal is to open retail stores of our own across the major cities in India but then we planned to start expansion by franchising our retail store and/or building a well-recognized brand name providing opportunities a large number of start-up entrepreneurs, employed and unemployed community at present only in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Mithras Business Ventures India Private Limited are fore front in adopting the latest technology in our operational activities including design, manufacturing, and business deliverables as well as all our retail stores interiors are equipped with world class fittings, accessories to provide best services for our customers. Our intensions are to obtain maximum shares from the market and become a hub for shopping apparel activity in India by providing top class quality.

Our head office located in Bangalore - a fashion hub in India as well has centralized location for all our retail stores in terms of supplies, distribution with in-house warehouse facilities. All business deliveries and shipment to retail stores will be handled and directed according to the company's vision and mission by focusing customer needs of outfitting all sizes including Men's, Women's and Kid's through our Head Office and Warehouses located in Bangalore.

The fashion and Retail Industry tends to be overly youth focused. However, by closely following generational fashion trends as well as our customers' purchasing preferences, we will tailor our design, production and inventory to meet the specific needs of our clientele. We will solely focus on styles, colors and fits to meet the customer needs with our specialization.